Makes Me Want To Cry

Partly because he’s at that age, and partly because it’s his temperament, Thing 3 cries a lot.?? Here’s a rundown of a typical weekday morning, as I try to get them to school and me to work.? In between all the crying he’s generally pretty happy and playful.? And the crying doesn’t last long, only until he gets what he wants or the unpleasant (to him) activity is over.

He cries when he wakes up and wants to get out of his crib.

He cries because he wants a cup of milk.

He cries because he wants me to turn on his favorite show, The Backyardigans.

I mention “time to change your diaper” and he runs and hides.? He thinks this is very funny.? I play along for a minute, then pick him up and take him to the changing table.?? Then he cries.

I let him run around in his diaper for a while, so he’ll stop crying.? He does, until it’s time to put his clothes on, and the run-hide-crying game starts again.

He cries when The Backyardigans is over, until I start a new one.

He cries when his milk cup is empty until I refill it.

He cries when I put his jacket on.

He cries when I put him in the car.? Until I turn on The Backyardigans on the DVD player.

And finally, when I drop him off at daycare, he cries when I leave the room.

Ah, weekday mornings.

2 thoughts on “Makes Me Want To Cry”

  1. yep, sounds like a morning with Lil’bug.

    This morning I called her because it was time to brush teeth. She didn’t come. I called again. nothing. I walked out into the family room, made eye contact with her across the room and told her it was time to brush teeth. she didn’t move. So I went in to brush my teeth. Next thing, she’s having a tantrum outside the bathroom door because I started without her.

    Rule in my house: you don’t get what you want if you’re crying or forget to use your manners. “Crying doesn’t get you what you want. You need to stop making that noise, calm down, and calmly ask for what you want using your nice manners.” It’s become my mantra.

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