Single Parenting

I am a single parent again this weekend. SuburbanMommy is off on a girls Oscar weekend until Monday. I hope to learn from my experience last weekend, when I was a virtual single parent while SuburbanMommy was working Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (holiday).

The first lesson I learned is to get help!

Lesson #1: Reduce the number of kid
So this weekend I have lined up a sleepover Friday night for Thing 1 with his cousins at SuburbanAunt’s house. At this point, dealing with just two kids, even though it is the younger ones, seems like a walk in the park. I wouldn’t have said that a couple years ago when I only had two kids. But when you are used to three, two is easy.

Lesson #2: Bring in outside help
SuburbanUncle is coming to visit Saturday after nap time (Thing 3’s, not mine). He is younger than me with more energy, and the kids will have someone else to climb on for a few hours, giving my back a much needed rest.

Lesson #3: Bring in more outside help
On Sunday, I have a babysitter coming in the afternoon to give them dinner and put them to bed, so I can eat a meal in peace.

Lesson #4: Plan recovery time
I’m taking a vacation day on Monday to catch up on some stuff (like blogging) and get some much needed R&R.

Lesson #5: Being a single parent is hard
I always knew single parents had it tough. But until the last two months, when I got a taste of what it’s like, I couldn’t appreciate just how tough. To the single parents out there: I salute you. How do you do it day in and day out?

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  1. Hahaha – ah, best laid plans … I can’t wait to hear how the weekend REALLY goes, although I sincerely appreciate your preparation! Meanwhile, we’ll be morphing Suburban Mommy into a lazy, brain-dead, relaxed ball of goo so that she’s very useful to you on Monday when she is returned. :) Have fun SD – and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Tell Uncle Cort I said Hi!

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