A Tale Of Two Trips

To paraphrase Dickens, our recent trip to the beach was both the best of times and the worst of times.? At times we were relaxing, having a great time, watching the kids enjoy the sand and surf.? But that was just a teeny, tiny portion of how we spent our days.

The rest of the time was a lot of whining, crying, and fighting.? And of course, a fair amount of drinking to drown out the same.? To illustrate the two extremes, I have some video to bring you closer to my world.

We start with the best of times.? First, the kids are reasonably clean for the beach.? I defy anyone to get rid of all the sand after a one year old has been sitting in wet sand and shoveling sand into his mouth for hours.? Second, they are dressed in coordinated outfits.? SuburbanMommy insists we do this once per trip and take family photos.

Stay tuned for video from the worst of times…

11 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Trips”

  1. 21? 200? Tomato, tomahto. :) My favorite part is Thing 3 ripping his bread apart in the air like Hercules. :) Can’t wait to see the Worst of Times!!

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