Parenting Poll of the Week – Allowance and Chores

I was surprised to learn that many child development experts agree that linking an allowance to the completion of chores is not the best approach. I would have thought the opposite, but it kind of makes sense.

Giving money for bigger chores is ok. But regular, everyday chores, like taking out the garbage or cleaning up after dinner, are responsibilities they should be doing without monetary reward.

If daily chores are only done to get paid, then when kids get older, and have other streams of money, they’ll stop doing the chores because they don’t need the money. Makes sense.


3 thoughts on “Parenting Poll of the Week – Allowance and Chores”

  1. Kids should be doing little things like setting the table, emptying the dishwasher, etc, just because it’s considerate to offer help. My mom paid me to do stuff and I don’t necessarily think it was a good idea. Paying kids to do the least little thing would be like paying them to share their toys.

  2. I think getting an allowance is fine. I didn’t get an allowance growing up. I wish I had. When you do work….you get a paycheck. I think children should learn a level of responsibilty with money. If they want to purchase something they really want..they can save up their allowance. I think teaching them about money responsibility and teaching them to be considerate are two different things and they could go hand and hand. I know many considerate people who I am sure got allowances and would help anyone out…including you Jenny.

  3. As a member of the family, age-appropriate chores are required. It’s part of living together. My son (9) gets $5/week and $1 gets docked each school morning that I have to yell or when we’re late because of his behavior. He doesn’t get his allowance until his chores have been completed at the end of the week. Hey, my employer wouldn’t pay me if I didn’t do my job. Good topic.

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