No More Games

trouble.jpgThing 1 has been home from preschool now for seven days while he recovers from surgery. He’s in good spirits, but use of his right arm is limited, and we need to help entertain him. So we play a lot of games. Over and over and over. I estimate I’ve played 26 games of Trouble, 14 games of Chutes and Ladders, 12 games of Candy Land, 35 games of Spiderman Yahtzee.? We’ve also played our share of Go Fish and War.

With his little brothers at daycare all day, it’s the most one-on-one time we’ve spent with him since before his brothers were born.? I know he’d prefer not have his right arm bandaged up and be able to run around, but I think he’s really enjoying all the special attention he’s been getting.

This must be what it’s like to be an only child.? Having to deal with three all the time, I usually imagine life with just one kid must be easier.? But now that I’ve been doing it for a week and a half, I see that, in some ways, it’s actually easier to have more kids!? With all the fights I break up between Thing 1 and Thing 2, I didn’t realize how much they actually entertain each other.

Without his brother there, Thing 1 is constantly asking me “What do I do now” and “Can we play a game again“.

If you have any game suggestions, please please leave them in a comment.? I’m about to start another game of War.

6 thoughts on “No More Games”

  1. We love Trouble around here. My son is 9 and still likes playing it every now and then.

    We also like Cadoo, Break The Ice, and Zooreeka.

  2. Play dough? Does he like to color? I was going to suggest a disney movie. Maybe take him to a movie…not sure what is playing right now.

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