Enter The Dragon

Some time ago I wrote about Thing 2’s toddler comfort objects. At that time, it was all about Mustache Guy. Now, we have entered into the dragon phase.

After completing his first potty chart, Thing 2 picked out the big dragon. Last weekend, after his first successful poop in the potty (a big deal in our house!), he picked out the two headed dragon with fire coming out of one head.


He likes to go up to people, stick the dragon in their face, and say “Look at my dragon. Roooaaar!”. Every 10 minutes, it’s like he just got it for the first time. “Look at my dragon”.

So, naturally, the new dragon (with the fire) accompanied Thing 2 to preschool Monday morning. He started showing it to all his teachers and friends. Then we had a little problem.

SuburbanMommy dropped Thing 2 off in his classroom, dragon in hand. Then she took the other two to their rooms before checking back in on Thing 2. When she returned, she found Thing 2 in the corner with dragon, tears streaming down his face, but not crying.

The teacher explained that one of the girls in the class was a little frightened by the new dragon. Especially when Thing 2 did his ROOAAR! in her face. She started crying. And she actually peed in her pants.

When SuburbanMommy saw Thing 2 in the corner she thought he was getting a time out, and that was why he was crying silently. But the teacher explained that he was spending a last minute with his dragon before he had to put him away for the day. He was saying an emotional goodbye to dragon.


3 thoughts on “Enter The Dragon”

  1. That is so heartbreakingly sweet, I want to cry myself! Bless your heart, Thing 2! (Or should I call you “Pete”, as in Pete’s Dragon, one of my favorite movies, in which only one little boy understands that big dragons who breathe fire can be nice!)

  2. I love these pictures.. he is just tooo cute! And the whole every ten minutes it is like a new toy.. boy oh boy do I know what you are talking about..LOL

  3. Let me tell you, the first successful poop in the potty is a big deal is EVERY house– congratulations! I can’t wait till my daughter joins her brother on the light side of The Force.

    This is a testament to the fierceness of his dragon– he should take comfort in that. How many other inanimate dragons have the pleasure of making someone pee their pants?

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