Stay At Home Dads Get Some Respect

I was very surprised to see a segment on the Today Show today about stay at home dads. I was even more excited to see my blog buddy Rebel Dad, live, on the show!

One small step for Rebel Dad. One giant leap for Dad-kind.

2 thoughts on “Stay At Home Dads Get Some Respect”

  1. I think stay at home dads do not get enough credit. My husband is not a stay at home dad, but the time he does spend with the kids and me is awesome.

    FYI- I tagged you to come up with a six word philosophy of life. Details are on my blog. SO….Tag your it!

  2. EMT-Dad was a stay at home dad while he was in EMT school. SAHD’s deserve a lot of respect.

    Can I secretly admit that I’m looking forward to Friday on the Today show? New Kids on the Block! And I’m 9 years old again. I wonder if the cute one is still cute. hmmmmm….

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