Momnesia Is Hardly News

USA Today has a big article today on a condition known as “momnesia”. The basic premise is that new moms (and dads) are subject to “mental fuzziness and memory lapses that set in shortly after childbirth“. The primary causes are stress and sleep deprivation. No, really, it’s true.

At what point does this become a condition or newsworthy? I have no argument with anything in the article itself. But, come on, stating the obvious and dubbing a new name, momnesia, are hardly worthy of front page newspaper coverage. I realize USA Today is not exactly in the upper echelon of news source, but still.

Here are some highlights from the article.

One mom “occasionally leaves wet laundry in the washing machine or forgets to return phone calls“. — The horror! I once forgot to put the juice back in the refrigerator. Call the New York Times!

Her son’s first few weeks of life have become a blur“? — No kidding.

Another mom “burned her favorite teapot by leaving it on the stove“. — Uh, I was doing this long before I had kids.? What does that say about my memory?

5 thoughts on “Momnesia Is Hardly News”

  1. While some make joke about this issue or think that it is common knowledge or “newsworthy”, it’s really a serious issue! It might not be as serious to some as others who may not be actually going through it but my youngest is almost 3 and I still suffer from forgetfulness. It wouldn’t be that funny if you were the one forgetting things at work, field trips, conversations, memories, activities, something someone told you 2 minutes ago….. But hey, some people are just ignorant, but obviously for it to make the news, it must mean be newsworthy to someone.

  2. The childfree have been referring to this is “placenta brain” and have known about this for DECADES. I guess this sort of “late break news” is so late because parents are the ones reporting on it?

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