Saving For College

The cost when my kids go to college will be upwards of $100,000. And that’s for each kid! Better start saving now. That’s why I use Upromise.

In five years, we have made more than $600 for doing, well, nothing. All we did was sign up for a free account. Then, when you make purchases at stores you would shop at anyway, you get a small percentage back in your college savings account. Buy gas at Exxon-Mobil? Get $0.23. Buy anything at Target? Get 4% back. Walmart, JCPenney, eBay? There are hundreds of stores.

That grocery and drugstore shoppers card you already use, which gives you store discounts, also gets you free money in your college savings account, when you sign up with Upromise.

You can get the whole family involved. Sign grandma and grandpa up and when they put gas in their car or buy groceries, they will also be adding to their grandkids’ college funds.

Who said you can’t get something for nothing?

2 thoughts on “Saving For College”

  1. Gack. We haven’t even started…and we have a second baby on the way.

    Here’s hoping for academic- or sports-based scholarships! Will check into Upromise, especially since we spend SO much at Target.

    – Lea at Quick Serve Kids

  2. I use UPromise as well, and I think it’s absolutely great! We were able to get several hundred additional dollars into the 529 account last year through this program.

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