A Better Way To Buy Shoes

It was time to get new sneakers for the kids. Somehow, Thing 2 had managed to wear a hole on the top of his shoe. Probably from all the time he spends on his belly, kicking his feet, during meltdowns.

Naturally, we have to get both kids new shoes at the same time, or else there will be major trouble. And, whenever possible, we get the same style for both. Remember: variety is a bad thing.

So, off to Target on a full family outing. We have to take two shopping carts to keep all three contained. Luckily they had one of these double carts.


Letting the oldest walk is simply not an option. First of all, there is no way Thing 2 would sit down if he saw his brother walking. Why not let them both walk on their own? I might as well just hand a blank check to the cashier on the way in, as a retainer to cover all the damage they would do. No, they must be contained.

The store didn’t have a great selection of shoes. Thing 1 quickly found a Transformers pair in his size. But the only acceptable size 8’s (to a toddler) were the ones with Lightning McQueen.

He instantly fell in love with them and refused to put the old ones back on, so we continued shopping with his new shoes still attached to each other by the security device.

Double carts are great if you have two kids to contain. The problem with the double cart, however, is that the riders are facing, and within arms reach, of each other. It didn’t take long for them to draw the attention of everyone else in the store with their standard preschool humor consisting mainly of potty words, laughing, pointing, singing, and fighting.

If only there was a better way to buy shoes…well I found one, and it’s called Shoebuy. Shoebuy has every brand and you can always find the right size, with whatever kids characters happen to be popular that month. Shipping is free. No sales tax. Low price guarantee.

And here’s the best part, returns are free, too. You can try on as many shoes as you want, just like in a store, and return the ones you don’t like. If you’re like me you hate shoe shopping. But Shoebuy is so easy. Really.

Free Shipping and Free Returns at Shoebuy.com

And you never have to deal with the dreaded double shopping cart.

2 thoughts on “A Better Way To Buy Shoes”

  1. we tried the double shopping cart once.
    We now try to shop without a cart whenever possible, and of course we only have 2 kids which we all know is exponentially easier than 3.

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